Get A Professional Bra Fitting

Our Fit Experts are specially trained to help you
find your proper bra size and answer all your bra-
related questions. They love the “aha!” moment—
the one when a woman finds the perfect bra. You
might want to ask our Fit Experts about any of
the following topics or just chat about bras in
general. Schedule a free virtual bra consultation
and get the conversation started.

Talk to your bra Fit Expert about:

  • Measuring yourself
  • Finding the right bra—and coordinating lingerie—for a specific outfit
  • Assembling a bra wardrobe
  • Washing and caring for your bras

Why get a professional bra fitting?

You spend so much time in a bra, make it a comfortable one. In order for your bra to be comfortable, it has to fit correctly. At b.tempt’d we believe that your breast size and shape are both part of the equation for finding your best bra fit. A professional bra fitting from a b.tempt’d Fit Expert will help you identify both your breast size and shape. Once you have determined your bra size, you will be able to choose the styles that make you look and feel your best. A confidence boost indeed.

During a professional fitting, you can ask all your questions about bras and lingerie. Whether it's about bra care, different types of bras, or addressing any bra fit issues, the b.tempt’d Fit Expert can help.