Fit Guides
Fit Guides
Model demonstrating bra bands

Apex : The fullest point of the cup. For proper fit and lift the apex should be halfway between your shoulder and elbow when you look at your side profile.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Band : The part of the bra that goes around the circumference of the rib cage. The band provides 70% of the support in a bra. If your band is riding up you’re not getting enough support - try going down a size.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Bone / Boning : A component added to specific vertical seams for shaping and support.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Center Gore : The part in the front that connects the cups together. Did you know that for a proper fit the center gore should lie flat against the body? If it doesn’t try going up a cup size.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Cup: Contains and shapes the breast tissue. Different types of cups provide different shapes - unlined molded cups give a natural shape; padded cups contour the breast into the shape of the pad; and for the most lifted shape, try a cut-and-sew bra or a darted cup.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Frame: The structured band beneath the cup that fully covers the rib cage. Not all bras are designed with a frame but bras with a frame tend to have a bit more support.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Hook-and-Eye Closure: The most common type of closure used on bras. It allows the length of the band to be adjusted. Recommend securing the band on the middle hook and adjust tigher or looser as weight and hormones fluctuate.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Strap Adjuster: Also called a slide, allows you to adjust the strap length. Did you know that you should always adjust your strap length for your height? This ensures your straps don’t dig in or fall off.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Sling: A sling is like a hammock for your boob, generally made of a stronger fabric to help support and shift the breast upward and inward.

Model demonstrating bra bands

Underwire: Helps support, separate, and lift the breasts. The underwire should sit directly under the breast tissue, not on top.


Bonding: Bonding uses an adhesive placed between two layers of fabric to create a smooth finish without any stitching. If you want a clean look with edges that lie flat against the body try a bonded style.

Cami Strap: A cami strap is like a tank top strap’s little sister—a bit narrower for a lighter look.

Clean Finish: This is a sewing method that hides the stitching internally for a clean and modern appearance on the outside of a garment.

Contour Pad: A molded three-dimensional pad that contours and shapes your breast tissue. Typically used in t-shirt bras.

Corded Lace: A dimensional lace that has a cord applied to outline specific areas in the pattern.

Dart: A seam in the cups used to create shape and lift.

Eyelash Lace: Lace with a delicate “eyelash” edge that adds visual interest to a garment.

Gusset: A piece of fabric at the crotch, typically made of cotton, used to reinforce and provide breathability.

J-Hook: Hardware attached to the back of the straps, so they can be converted from traditional to racerback style.

Microfiber: Ultra-fine synthetic fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

Modal: A bio-based, semi-synthetic fabric with a blend of eco-friendly fibers made from beech trees. It provides a super soft finish and is a great alternative to cotton.

Moisture Wicking: A technical fabric that draws moisture away from the body to the outer part of the garment, so it dries faster.

Power Mesh: A soft, netting-like fabric that has a little extra oomph to help keep the garment in place and give you a secure hug.

Scalloped Lace: Lace with decorative edges that have high and low points for visual interest.

Seamless: A style designed to disappear under clothes.

Spacer: Spacer knit fabrics are as techy as they sound. They are three-dimensional knits that are airy and bouncy to the touch. Lightweight and breathable, spacer fabrics provide a natural feel.

Unlined: An unlined bra does not have foam cups and works with your natural shape.