Fit Guides
Model demonstrating bra bands


    Your band should feel like a sincere hug.
    Snug enough to stay level to the floor
    when you raise your arms.

    If there are bulges or elastic digging in
    your band is too tight.

    If your band rides up your back, then
    your band is too loose.

Model demonstrating bra straps


    Bras are not one size fits all, which means
    when you put on your bra the straps should
    be adjusted to fit your needs.

    On the taller size? Slide your strap
    adjusters down to avoid straps digging in.

    Shorter than average? Tighten your strap
    adjusters to avoid slipping straps.

    You should be able to slip two fingers
    under your straps. If you can lift the strap
    more than .5 an inch your straps need
    to be tightened.

Model demonstrating bra cups


    Lean forward, scoop and swoop to
    properly position the girls in the cups.

    Once adjusted if you notice any spillage
    over the top of your cup or your underarm
    then the cup may be too small.

    Gapping or emptiness in your cup means
    you likely need to go down a cup size.

    Cups should hug your boobs all around
    for optimal support!

Model demonstrating bra shape


    Did you know that a properly fitting bra
    draws the bust in and can dramatically
    slenderize your figure?

    Look in the mirror facing forward. Your
    breasts should be within your body frame.

Model demonstrating bra lift


    A good bra should always lift your
    boobs up and away from your ribcage.
    This helps improve your posture and
    creates the most flattering fit.

    Turn to the side and look in the mirror.
    You can see if your bra is giving you
    enough lift if the fullest part of your
    breast reaches the mid point between
    your shoulder and elbow.

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