The BT Edit

The BT Edit Vol III

A Spotlight on Rachel Martino – Entrepreneurship, BT picks and more.

Welcome to The BT Edit, a blog series featuring our favorite content creators. This month, we are highlighting Rachel Martino—a 32-year-old Brooklyn, New York resident. Rachel began posting YouTube tutorials in 2012 before becoming a full-time creator in 2015 and opening Dream Loft Studios in 2021. She has created a community of over 500k followers on Instagram by sharing her life and style. Today we’re chatting with Rachel to learn more about her business and how b.tempt’d plays into her lifestyle.


How did you go from 9-to-5 to full-time influencer?

I started posting content online when I was in college. After graduating, I worked for a large beauty brand as my 9-to-5, but I was still hustling on the weekends to continue posting on my blog. In 2015, my side hustle was successful enough to really be my main hustle. I made the leap of faith to leave my 9-to-5 and become a full-time content creator.


Your content is incredibly creative and inspiring. Can you tell us more about your content creation process?

I’ve always loved bright and bold colors which you can see in my outfits as well as my interior design. I get so much inspiration from fellow creators, New York City itself, and from traveling all over the world.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a full-time influencer?

Consistency is key. Be yourself, be creative, and find your community.


There are a lot of content creators in today’s world. How do you avoid the competition and comparison that is typically seen in the influencer space?

I’ve always believed in collaboration over competition. Some of my closest friends are also content creators, and we love to share ideas and inspiration. There is room for everybody at the table!


You started Dream Loft Studios in 2021, can you tell us more about it?

Dream Loft Studios is a premier event and photo studio space that is available to rent for productions, events, etc. The idea started from my previous loft apartment which had a huge studio attached to it. I was looking for new ways to challenge myself beyond content creation, and I wanted to create a space that others could use to make their visions come to life. In 2021 I expanded to a full loft, which became the first standalone Dream Loft Studios space. We just recently announced that we will be opening up a new location in Manhattan this year!


“Jump on a plane to Italy.”


“Treat myself to a whole new wardrobe.”


You’ve done a lot of the renovations yourself, can you tell us what that experience was like given that it is typically a male dominated field.

It was really important for me to work with a female contractor to oversee the projects and be a go-to expert for me to lean on as I jumped into this new business. I’ve been so lucky to work with a team that has been open to teaching me new skills at every step. From cutting tile to grouting to demo, I’ve had my hand in every project which was so important to me.


What has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur? And what has been your biggest reward?

My biggest obstacle is dealing with the negativity that comes from putting your life on the internet. My biggest reward has been creating an empowering community of women who are all so amazing in their own ways!


“My dog, Taxi! I never thought I was a dog person but after
getting Taxi in 2020, I cannot imagine my life without him.”


“My phone! I love traveling and being outside, so being able
to work on the go is super important to me. Lightroom and
Splice are my go-to editing apps, they make my job infinitely easier.”


“Comfortable undergarments! Once I reached my thirties,
I realized how many bras and panties I had in my collection that I just hated. I love b.tempt’d bras because support and comfort are key. Now my drawers are only full of pieces that I reach for every day.”


How do you define female empowerment?

Women coming together to support themselves and one another in anything that they want to take on!


Are there any women in your life that inspire you?

My biggest inspiration is my mom! She is an entrepreneur who has run her own business for over 20 years. She was the first in her family to graduate college and has been an inspiration to me from day one.


If you could say anything to inspire your younger self, what would it be?

Self-love is the most difficult but rewarding journey. There is only one person you have to live with for the rest of your life and it’s you, so don’t forget to fall in love with yourself.

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Shadow Scene Bodysuit


What do you look for when shopping for lingerie?

Comfort and style above all!


What is your current favorite b.tempt’d style?

The’d Wire Free Bra and Nearly Nothing Boyshort!


Why b.tempt’d?

I love the message of women empowerment that b.tempt’d keeps at the forefront of everything they do. Their pieces are so on trend with lots of different styles to fit every mood, from comfy lounge pieces to sexier pieces as well.