The BT Edit

The BT Edit Vol. II

A Spotlight on Jenn Jackson – wellness journey, BT picks, and more.

Welcome to The BT Edit, a blog series featuring our favorite content creators. This month, we are highlighting Jenn Jackson. Currently residing in Rosemary Beach, FL, Jenn has amassed a following on Instagram of over 200k by capturing her life and style. After a stroke at 29, she began focusing on her health and wanted to share with her followers how she was healing her body naturally. Today we’re chatting with Jenn to learn more about her wellness journey and discuss how b.tempt’d plays into her lifestyle.


Tell us about your wellness journey. How did it start, and why is it important to you?

After my stroke, I realized how important my health was and how making healthy decisions each day could have a huge impact on not only my life but the lives of the people I love.  I started by reading plant-based diet books, switching to organic food and juicing daily.


What does your day-to-day wellness routine look like?

Morning matcha, Peloton ride and Pilates workout, along with eating whole foods and drinking smoothies throughout the day.


What motivates you to stick to your daily routine?

To be able to keep up with my business and my energetic seven-year-old son, and after learning about how unhealthy foods affect your mind and body, the choice is easy.


You frequently share your wellness routine and tips with your audience. Why is it important for you to do so?

I have struggled with my own health, so if I can help another person who is going through the same struggles, then it’s all worth it.


What are your top self-care must-haves?

Morning matcha, five-minute journal, workout bands, and nightly gua sha.


Do you have any must-know tips you can share for living a healthier lifestyle?

Green smoothies, probiotics, choosing only foods that fuel your body and eliminating candy and soda from your life.

I ’ M   T E M P T ’ D   T O

“Pack my life up and move to a vineyard in Florence.”

I ’ M   T E M P T ’ D   T O

“Sign up for a yoga retreat in Tulum by myself.”


What does me-time mean to you?

I pour everything into my work and family, so me-time for me is about completely unplugging and resetting so that I can be the best version of myself.


Any mantras you live by and why?

I manifest abundance by being grateful for what I already have.

C A N ‘ T L I V E W I T H O U T

“Morning matcha and Pilates workouts.”

C A N ‘ T   W O R K   W I T H O U T

“Coffee and music.”

C A N ‘ T   D R E S S   W I T H O U T

“My Nearly Nothing Balconette Bra and good pair of distressed denim.”


What do you look for when shopping for lingerie?

The perfect lift and fit and a little lace. I like sexy, but it has to fit perfectly, and b.tempt’d is the best of both by far.


What is your current favorite b.tempt’d style?

The Nearly Nothing Plunge as well as the balconette style, the fit is perfect, and the fabric is amazing. I love that I can wearopen necklines and deep V-necks!


Why b.tempt’d?

They empower women and encourage us to be confident inwho we are. Nothing fits like a b.tempt’d bra! The brand understands a woman’s body and how important it is to lift and shape.

“It is so gorgeous, lifts and supports!”

Block Image

Always Composed Bodysuit


How do you define your personal style?

I love casual classics with a little bit of sexy. A good pair of jeans,my b.tempt’d t-shirt bra and off-the-shoulder top will always be my go-to style.


What movie character do you identify with the most and why?

Amanda in The Holiday. She works hard, will jump on a plane ata moment’s notice, and finds true love in another country. I fall in love with every place I get to travel to, and my heart is so happy when traveling.


What’s your current favorite song or album, and why?

“Burn, Burn, Burn” by Zach Bryan. The small-town girl in me loves the idea of a slow life, my son playing in the neighborhood without worry and enjoying the small things in life.