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Insider Scoop to Share: 5 Bra Fit Tips

Our team knows a thing or five about how to find the best bras for your body. These bra fit tips are worthy of knowing yourself and passing along to the women in your life who you love. Think of it as motherly advice from true experts in this area.

This save-worthy list of sage style tips should be shared from generation to generation because especially when it comes to the subject of bras, insider secrets are best shared between women who are (or who feel like) family.



Insider Scoop to Share: Bra Fit Tips


Tip #1: The band makes up 70% of the support in your bra. It should feel snug, not tight. And it is important to note that snug can still be super comfy. We design our bras with bands that feel amazing against your skin from elastic-free options to styles lined in soft brushed fabrics.


Tip #2: Bra straps should stay on your shoulders without falling or pressing into the skin. Remember most of the support comes from the band (see Tip #1!), so the straps don’t need to be too tight!


Tip #3: When the cup size is just right, your breasts will rest perfectly in the cup.


Tip #4: The most flattering bra silhouettes are those that deliver shape-smoothing side support.


Tip #5: The most comfortable bra is one that lifts your breasts up and away from your body.



Women used to associate the idea of a “comfy bra” with minimal support and structure, but it is time to reframe what “comfortable” means. If a bra leaves your breasts unsupported and you feel weighed down (not to mention, your clothes don’t fit right or look the way you want them to in the mirror), you aren’t comfortable, right? Right. From traditional underwire contour bras to wire free t-shirt bras, lace bras, strapless bras, sport bras and bralettes, we design bras that make it possible to be truly comfortable and feel confident in every style you crave, 24/7.

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