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How To Pack Bras – and Which Bras to Pack – For Vacation

Wondering how to pack bras for that long-awaited summer getaway you may have coming up?

Everyone may be feeling a little rusty when it comes to packing efficiently for trips right now, so in the event that you have a vacation planned, here are top tips on how to pack bras — and what bras to pack.


These 5 styles provide the support you need for every type of trip.

Feel good on the go with our Comfort Intended T-Shirt Bra — the ultimate base layer for every travel day uniform. This soft style feels amazing the second you put it on and provides a smooth finish for a polished look.

The Comfort Intended Bralette is just the thing to wear under something cozy when you meander to get morning coffee or enjoy breakfast in bed. This soft, elastic-free style is so lightweight, it is like a breath of fresh air — the best way to start your day!

The modern lace back on the Future Foundation Front Close Racerback Bra is peek-worthy — a subtle style statement, so even if your tanks have slight variations in the cut, this bra works.

Be set for all scenarios with Future Foundation Wire Free Strapless — under dresses with skinny straps, or no straps at all, you are comfy and covered. Plus, it has a clean finish neckline and silicone along the inside edges to softly hold everything in place!

Throw in something unexpected — like our NEW Inspired Eyelet Bralette. After all, it is vacation. You never know what mood will strike, so always arm yourself with one whimsical — yet wearable — special extra. While it may be out of your everyday comfort zone, this lace bralette is so soft and stretchy; you can’t help but be comfortable in it.

Now that you have the styles you need, it’s time to pack!


The great thing about intimates is that they don’t take up a ton of space, so the real challenge when packing bras and bralettes for travel is to make sure they get the protection they need.

Step 1: Roll up bralettes, then place them in the middle of rolled-up socks and undies to protect delicate fabrics and lace from snagging.
Step 2: Nestle the cups of contour bras on top of one another. Either lay bras flat and stack them to use more horizontal space (ideal for suitcases), or fold them in half before stacking, which is ideal when traveling with a duffel-style bag that offers more depth.
Step 3: Place the rolled-up items inside the bottom cup(s) of your bra stack to conserve space and maintain bra structure. Find a spot for them on the top of your suitcase (so they don’t get crushed), zip it up, and GO!

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