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Found! The Bra & Panty Equivalent of Your Favorite Little Black Dress

Easygoing and effortless. Two things that we all love

about the little black dress.

These are also two things that style & wellness influencer and blogger (and full-time mom) Jenn Jackson loves about our

Future Foundation Wire Free T-Shirt Bra and panty, adding

“I live for cozy sets like this for comfort and support!”

“…the most easygoing and effortless @btemptdbras Future Foundation Wire Free T-shirt bra… I live for cozy sets like this for comfort and support! The best of both worlds!” @jennjakson

Deliciously soft and endlessly wearable, this t-shirt bra contours for a polished look under anything and everything. Pair it with a smooth finish, always undetectable ultra soft bikini to feel amazing in your own skin, every single time.

Timeless, versatile, and just EASY to wear — in our deep black Night hue, this combo is the intimates equivalent of a little black dress. Put all three together and you are set to coast through holiday party season in comfort, confidence and style.